Gary Berman

Gary Berman is a global entrepreneur with over 25 years hands-on experience in the hospitality, entertainment and fashion industries.

Prior to setting up his own businesses, Gary held significant positions in companies such as: Warner Bros. [VP International Operations], Joint venture between Village Roadshow/Westfield/Nine Network [CEO], Gandel Group [managing real estate worth in excess of $5 billion, Board Member and CFO], Blockbuster [Australia CEO], Warner Bros. Retail Stores [CEO Australia] and Priceline [Board Director, Australia].

Gary understands the necessity to make profits, manage cash flows and still be able to finance growth. He has the proven ability to implement, drive and achieve 3-5 year Business Plans and extensive international experience.

He is a leader in identifying and capitalizing on global business opportunities and understands brand positioning, brand protection and brand growth to achieve the brand owner’s vision; and how to create management teams who can implement this vision.


In setting up his own businesses Gary has successfully conceptualized, designed, built, managed and owned over 60 venues in the US, Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Gary successfully sold his businesses to corporations such as Macquarie Bank & Sun International.

Gary formed a 50/50 Joint Venture with Lion Nathan (Beer, Wine & Spirits manufacturer and distributor with revenues of $4.5 billion and owned by ASAHI) to create, build and operate a chain of sports bars, casual dining, nightclubs and licensed location-based entertainment centers. The JV successfully culminated in Lion Nathan buying all the sports bars and Gary buying Lion Nathan out of the other bars, nightclubs and the fully licensed location based entertainment venues.

In other related liquor industry experience, Gary acquired the distribution rights for Van Gogh Vodka, the Philips Distilling Brands (including Chopin Vodka) and Cabo Wabo, and built the brands’ distribution in Australia and New Zealand. Further, he created and owned Drink, the high-end boutique liquor stores. Gary has owned and managed businesses covering all aspects of the liquor industry including: brand building, sales force & product distribution, as well as on-premise venues and off-premise stores.

Gary turned his own hospitality business from one that was totally reliant on the day-to-day revenues of reservations & walk-ins, to a business where parties/functions/events exceeded 50% of the total revenues. Through his hands-on venue management experience, Gary has seen the need and been able to create the vision of a product that fulfills the party organizer’s and venue’s needs.


  • Worked closely with high net worth owners while partnering with CEOs, managing revenues ranging from $30 million to in excess of $1 billion.
  • Completed Capital Raisings of $10 million to $750 million to meet business objectives.
  • Managed the IPO Process for the float of a Shopping Center REIT, raising $750 million.
  • Negotiated international licensing deals, large financial lending contracts, and shareholder agreements with International Brand Owners, International Banks, and Private Equity Firms [Blockbuster, SEGA, Warner Bros. Retail Stores, DKNY, Ed Hardy, etc.]


In at least three prior startups Gary has disrupted a traditional market and provided innovation contrary to the then conventional wisdom. Gary established Barcode, a fully licensed high-tech game center and restaurant. He did so in an environment where the game’s business was 90% teenagers, and yet Barcode was going to exclude the core market by being licensed. It was a huge success and formed the basis of the Dave & Buster model.

Gary is known as being the inventor of social bowling, a concept that others including Lucky Strike and Brooklyn Bowl have successfully deployed utilizing much of the model Gary created. At the time when Gary created Kingpin, which was going to feature fully licensed DJs, loud music, pool tables, team members walking around with trays of shots, eating at the lanes, sophisticated lighting systems, etc., the industry was dominated by league bowling which accounted for 70% – 80% of the industry’s revenues. Against this backdrop Gary banned leagues and opened Kingpin Bowling Lounge, the world’s first boutique bowling venue aimed solely at the social bowler, corporate events and parties. Kingpin was a huge success, generating revenues of $300,000 per lane per year compared to the industry average of $35,000 per lane per year. Gary turned the bowling industry on its head and today social bowling accounts for 70% - 80% of the bowling industry’s revenues.


Gary also founded the Ed Hardy and Christian Audigier brands in Australasia and the UK. Created the business from the ground up, opening offices in a multitude of countries including the UK, Australia, NZ, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore. Successfully launched the ED HARDY & CA Brands in these new markets creating instant appeal and massive consumer demand. Opened 22 Branded Flagship Stores in under 2.5 years. Directed all business, operations and financial activities to support the brands business development. Raised required equity/funds from investors, banks and significant landlord contributions. Negotiated the Australian country rights and license deals for DKNY, Donna Karen and All Saints.

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